Toronto Income Property Newsletter – December 2018

Happy holidays everyone.

The Christmas season is upon us so expect less inventory and the market to slow down in the next couple of weeks. Things will start to pick up again in the first few weeks of January.

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to check out our new real estate podcast series. I have been interviewing experts in the field to get their insight into the world of investment real estate and the ups and downs of the overall Toronto market. This series includes relevant topics for existing landlords as well as new buyers looking to get into the market.

Next month I will do my yearly wrap-up for 2018 and offer my thoughts on where things will likely be heading in 2019.

– P.A.

This Month’s Featured Article

Deciphering the New Rent Control Rules in Ontario

The PC government has taken away rent control for all newly created rental stock.

Featured Podcast

Investing in Toronto Condos, with Alex Moloney

In this podcast, Paul Anand speaks with realtor Alex Moloney about the Toronto condominium market over the past decade, speculating vs. investing in Toronto condos and analyzing rents and costs per sq. ft. in newer and older buildings.

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