Toronto Income Property Newsletter – October 2018

Fall is my favourite time on year. The weather is perfect, especially during those days where you don’t need heat or AC and can sleep with the window open. The leaves turn colour, and lots of new income properties hit the market.

My observation for the month of September is that if an income property was priced properly (a four cap or better with some sort of ROI) then it would sell quite quickly. However, some sellers and their agents still think that is April of 2017 where they can over list their property by a quarter million or more. Those properties tend to sit. I’m pleased that the market is more discerning now insofar as pricing goes. It is still highly competitive out there though, with many buyers still trying to get into the market. I think the robustness of the condo market shows how strong the demand for houses will continue to be.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and a fun Halloween.

– P.A.

This Month’s Featured Articles

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On October 17th recreational cannabis use becomes legal in Canada. How will this impact landlords in Ontario?

Landlord’s Fall Maintenance Checklist

As we head into October, it’s time to review if your income property needs any upgrades or fixes before the snow arrives.

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