For Landlords:

Forms and checklists to help you manage your property once you’ve made your purchase. Access to Rental Forms, provincial information on Landlord-Tenant Acts, Building & Fire Codes, Land Registration and much more.

Landlord-Tenant Links for Ontario:

Municipal Affairs and Housing

New (2018) Ontario Standard Lease, available at the Ontario Central Forms Repository.
Tenant Protection Act
Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal
Termination of Tenancy Under the TPA
Notice to Terminate a Tenancy at the End of the Term (Ontario Form N8):
Ontario form N8 (PDF)
Ontario form N8 Instructions (PDF)

Application to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent and to collect rent the tenant owes:
Ontario Form L1 (PDF)

Notice of Rent Increase
Form N1 (PDF)

Notice to Terminate at End of the Term for Landlord’s or Purchaser’s Own Use
Form N12 (PDF)

Notice to Terminate at End of the Term for Conversion, Demolition or Repairs
Form N13 (PDF)

Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent
Form N4 (PDF)

Fire Code
Ontario Fire Code

Building Code
Building Regulation
Structural Aspects of Renovating

Land Registration
Land Registration Information

More Resources: