Toronto Income Property Newsletter – March 2018

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We now finally have a standard “universal” lease document in Ontario that all landlords and tenants must use across the board. For years we have been providing our clients with our own version of a standard lease form, but I have often thought that there should be more widespread consistency in these rental documents. I have seen simple leases that are two pages long and others that are ten pages long. We have a standard agreement of Purchase & Sale in real estate, so why not have a standardized lease? It makes complete sense and is long overdue. With the help of my associate Evan Wright, we will look at this new lease form and share our thoughts.

Speaking of Mr. Wright – if the prices of income properties in the GTA have got you down, why not consider Hamilton, the Niagara region or some other cities that aren’t too far away? Evan is our in-house sales rep who specializes in income properties and apartment buildings in all of the Golden Horseshoe. You can learn more about the prices and overall market conditions by reaching out to

Enjoy the warmer weather everyone. Next month I will present our annual Landlord Spring Clean-up checklist.

- P.A.

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The New Ontario Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Ontario now has a standard “universal” lease document that all landlords and tenants must use starting April 30th, 2018
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