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Toronto Tenant Eviction Moratorium Update

As we entered a second lock down in Toronto this year, many landlords have been asking what their rights are with non-paying tenants and the eviction process.

While the situation may soon change again, this is a fluid process, and the rules seem like they are being made up as we go along. For the second time since the outbreak began, the Ontario government has issued an emergency order to temporarily pause the enforcement of residential evictions and ensure people are not forced to leave their homes during the provincial declaration of emergency and while the stay-at-home-order is in force.

There have been virtual eviction hearing processes at the Landlord Tenant Board carried out in high numbers since the first moratorium was lifted in August. The Board insists that only emergency or “extreme” cases were being heard. Toronto mayor John Tory readily admits that this is a provincial matter and he does not have the power to over-turn residential tenant evictions.

As a landlord, I advocate that you do everything in your power to mitigate tenant evictions and if possible, try and work out a reasonable and achievable financial solution that works for both sides.

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