City of Toronto Average Market Rents 2019

Residential Rents continue to rise in hot Sellers’ market

The City of Toronto has an annual guide of what the average rents are for different types of suites. These figures are published by the CMHC. In downtown Toronto, quality apartments for rent are hard to come by so I think many of these figures are actually low. It is not uncommon to see two-bedroom apartments in top locations go for over $2000. There was also a time when a basement apartment would never see more than $1000, but nowadays it is hard to find anything under that.

Unit Size 2019
Average Market Rent
80% of Average Market Rent
Hostel $839 $671
Bachelor apartment $1,089 $871
1 bedroom apartment $1,270 $1,016
2 bedroom apartment $1,492$1,194
3 bedroom apartment $1,664 $1,331
4 bedroom apartment $1,954 $1,563
5 bedroom apartment $2,185 $1,748
2 bedroom townhouse $1,660$1,328
3 bedroom townhouse $1,731$1,385
4 bedroom townhouse $2,203 $1,763
5 bedroom townhouse $2,548 $2,038

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